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Invoice Factoring For B2B Businesses

Factoring B2B: Great Funds Factoring provides short-term financial help when growing your B2B business. Fast and flexible funding without debt, loans, or banks.

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Factoring B2B: Does Your Business Need an Invoice Factoring Service?

Are you a business owner looking for an invoice factoring company to turn your unpaid invoices into cash? Great Funds Factoring, LLC, offers small, medium and large businesses financial assistance through accounts receivable factoring, receivables management, and full-service back-office billing. 

Don’t let unpaid invoices slow down your company’s growth and hold your business back from hitting its goals.

What is Invoice Factoring For Small, Medium and Large Businesses?

Great Funds Factoring helps businesses access the cash locked away in customers’ unpaid invoices. We purchase your accounts receivable and get you access to your cash within a matter of days—not months.

Poor Cash Flow Is The Number #1 Problem Facing Many Businesses.

Factoring B2B Is The Solution.

Great Funds Factoring, LLC, a Chicago-area accounts receivables factoring business serving the whole nation, solves your business’s short-term cash flow problems with

  • Invoice Factoring For Small Businesses
  • Receivables Management
  • Full-service Back-Office Billing

With almost 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, we know how to provide solutions for growing businesses across many industries.

Great Funds Factoring, LLC

Industries Our Invoice Factoring Company Serves

Any business that is experiencing cash flow problems can benefit from accounts receivable factoring. Great Funds Factoring helps businesses unlock the cash in their invoices across a variety of manufacturing, technology, agricultural, logistics, distribution, and service industries.

Seasonal demand? A sudden large order? Customers demanding longer terms? 

Great Funds Factoring has seen it all. Let us help solve your funding needs. Our invoice factoring specialists will save you time and get you access to your cash, ASAP.

How Great Funds Factoring Gets You Paid Fast

Our process is hassle-free and fast. Great Funds Factoring helps your business access the cash locked away in unpaid invoices by purchasing your accounts receivable at a slight discount, which is negotiated between your business and GFF. 

We provide you with the cash upfront and withhold a small reserve that is delivered to you once we receive payment from your customers. 

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the process:

1) Tell Us About Your Business And Financial Needs

First, we’ll get to know more about your business, your needs, and your’s and your clients’ credit histories. This process takes about 1 – 2 days to complete and helps us determine what financial plan is best suited to your needs. You can find our credit application form here.

2) We Get You Set Up In Our System And Create A Personalized Plan

During the credit application process, our invoice factoring team will work with you to build a plan that best suits your business’s needs. You can expect Great Funds Factoring to help:

  • formalize a plan
  • answer questions
  • iron out details
  • provide a discount schedule
  • formulate a factoring agreement
  • provide your customer a notice of assignment
  • file UCC
  • help you get set up in our system.

3) GFF Gets You Your Money Fast

Great Funds Factoring then transfers the money into your bank account minus the reserve. During the payment period, GFF works with you to incentivize your customers to pay and keeps track of your accounts receivable.

Great Funds Factoring, LLC Testimonials

Don’t take it from us—hear it from our satisfied customers!

“Great Funds Factoring helped out my business when we were in a pinch, could not have done it without them.”

- Jen Manns | Industrial Food Distribution

“Great Funds Factoring has been instrumental in helping our business grow and an asset in helping us manage our accounts receivable. This company has SUPERB customer service and is absolutely transparent. I would highly recommend!”

- Lori Bankson | Utility Contractor

Factoring B2B: Were In The Business Of Growing Your Business

Call today for an individual estimate of how Great Fund Factoring, LLC can give your company the boost you need for higher returns.