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About Great Funds Factoring, LLC

Great Funds Factoring, LLC

Created to provide financial help when your growing business needs it.

Great Funds Factoring, a Chicago-area accounts receivable factoring company serving the nation, specializes in providing short-term cash flow needs or full-service back-office billing and receivables management for B to B businesses.

With almost 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, Great Funds Factoring, LLC knows how to provide solutions for growing B to B businesses, both large and small. It’s never too late to start the best business relationship you ever had!

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Provide Short-Term Receivables Financing For B To B Companies across a wide spectrum as efficiently as possible

Great Funds Factoring, LLC

Many of the young businesses we have helped to develop have grown into strong established companies.

We pride ourselves on developing creative solutions for growing B to B companies.

Years of Experience in the Entrepreneurial Field

A Family-Owned Company

We keep the needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do.

We know how important cash flow can be to keep your company operational by offering accounts receivable financing as the resolution to your financial requirements.

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