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Invoice Factoring For B2B Businesses

Receivables Factoring that Improves Cash Flow

Fulfilling the short term cash flow needs or full service back-office billing and receivables management as you require.

With our extensive invoice factoring experience, we know how to provide cash flow solutions for growing B2B businesses.

This way, you’re free to concentrate on growing your company without the headache of worrying about unpaid bills.

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Invoice Factoring: Cash for Your Growing Business

Experiencing cash flow problems is stressful and challenging for growing B2B Businesses.

Unlock the capital locked away in your unpaid invoices with invoice factoring. Great Funds Factoring, LLC is ready to work with you and provide cash flow solutions.

Great Funds Factoring, LLC specializes in receivables factoring for B2B companies that help you access the short-term funds you need.

This short-term money will help you maximize your time-critical opportunities. Click here to fill out the application so our specialists can expedite your request.

Stress-Free Billing and Receivables Management For B2B Businesses

You know the ins and outs of your business best. You also know that managing growth is close to impossible when your business has cash flow problems. 

It’s our business to help your business manage its accounts payable and receivable.
When you outsource your billing and accounts receivable functions to us, we take the drudgery and risk out of account approval, billing, collection, and reporting.


We're in the Business of Growing Your Business with Invoice Factoring

Want to solve your business’s cash flow problems? Fill out our credit application to get the process started.

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Accounts receivable and payable management

Large and small businesses always need more money and time.

We can deliver both.

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By using our factoring service you can access immediate cash to pay suppliers or focus on gaining more clients and expanding your business more quickly than you ever imagined.

Contact us today to see what rewards you can gain from a successful business relationship with Great Funds Factoring, LLC! We’re a Chicago-based accounts receivables factoring company serving the entire nation.

We’re also a Texas Factoring Company and a New York Factoring Company.