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Farm, Produce, and Agricultural Industry Factoring B2B

Getting an agribusiness off the ground is an expensive endeavor. Whether you specialize in livestock, aquaculture, produce, or commercial farming, finding the right way to finance your small agribusiness presents a unique challenge.

Farm owners have to contend with weather, changing climate, and other external factors that affect the viability of their harvest. Farm and agricultural factoring companies, like Great Funds Factoring, help farmers, ranchers, and other key members of the agricultural industry get access to cash flow fast and hassle-free.

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What is Agriculture Invoice Factoring b2B?

Farm factoring is a time-tested method of alternative financing in the agricultural industry. Essentially, the factoring company purchases your business’s unpaid invoices at a slight discount and turns them into cash upfront. 

The factoring company takes a small fee (called discounts) from the total amount and holds a percentage in reserve to act as collateral in case the factoring company can’t collect payment from your customers. 

There’s no money to pay back and no interest on the cash advance—this isn’t a loan! 

Factoring is an excellent way for B2B companies to see immediate cash flow and fund their businesses fast and without the need for bank loans.

A Factoring Service That Understands PACA

If you are in the agricultural industry, you are aware of the added regulation and constraints put on the shipping, marketing, and sales of your produce. 

The Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) is designed to protect consumers, but it makes it more expensive for farmers, producers, ranchers, and distributors to do their jobs.

Many factoring companies steer clear of farm, produce, and agricultural factoring because of the market’s added risks and regulations. Great Funds Factoring understands PACA and the needs of the movers and shakers in the agricultural industry. 

We work with agribusinesses to get them paid fast.

How Do Farmers, Producers, and Distributors Benefit From Invoice Factoring?

Being risk-averse, the traditional financing world marks up the interest rates of farm loans. This makes acquiring a farm loan difficult for many small farms and agricultural start-ups. Because of this, many agribusinesses turn to farm and agricultural factoring as an alternative form of financing. 

Invoice factoring, also called accounts receivable factoring, is not a business loan. It’s a cash advance on money your business has already made but can’t access yet because your customers haven’t paid their invoices.

By unlocking the income stored away in your invoices, you can quickly purchase farming essentials, equipment rentals, and other necessary expenses. Agriculture is a time-sensitive industry, and you need access to your cash fast. 

What can you use your unlocked cash on?

  • Farm expenses like seeds, fertilizers, gas, utilities, and livestock feed
  • Annual licensing and permits
  • Farm equipment and related machinery
  • Payroll for your farmhands, employees, and seasonal workers
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How Great Funds Factoring Helps Finance Farms and Agribusiness


At Great Funds Factoring, we understand that there are many financial challenges that even the most successful businesses can go through and the stress that it can cause.  We believe that good communication is key to developing a strong working relationship with our clients and will strive to be personally available to answer questions about receivable factoring. 

During the discovery process, we aim to get a better understanding of your business needs, gain your trust, and determine if open account receivable factoring is a fit for you. 


After you submit your credit application, Great Funds Factoring, LLC will review your credit application along with other documents required such as bank statements, master customer list, and financial statements.  


When the due diligence is completed, Great Funds Factoring works on the approval process.  Usually, the entire process both underwriting and approval review takes one to two business days.  Once approved, we send you the proposal and all documents needed to set up your account.

Fast Cash

As you send invoices to your customers, we verify them and advance your funds immediately to your account, while holding a small amount in reserve until your customer pays their invoice.


Non-Recourse vs. Recourse Factoring

Great Funds Factoring offers recourse factoring and does not offer non-recourse factoring. Recourse factoring is more cost-effective for agribusinesses and farms. With non-recourse farm factoring, the factoring company assumes all the risks if a customer doesn’t pay their invoices. Because of this increased risk, non-recourse farm factoring companies must charge agribusinesses more. By offering recourse invoice factoring, we are able to charge our clients a better rate.  

Through our factoring services, we work with you and your customers to collect and manage their invoice payments. However, if the customer (debtor) does not pay their invoices and all efforts have been made to collect, the debt goes back to the client and they are responsible for covering the obligation.

Types of Agribusinesses GFF Helps

We help many types of agribusinesses and other types of agriculturally adjacent businesses. If your business needs access to the money locked away inside your invoices, then farm factoring B2B can get you paid fast.

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