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Invoice Factoring b2B For Commercial Landscapers

Landscaping businesses are expensive to get off the ground running, and ever-changing weather, climate, and other external factors can present financial challenges. If you specialize in B2B commercial landscaping, funding your business from the ground up is more manageable with invoice factoring.

With invoice factoring companies like Great Funds Factoring, landscaping companies can obtain access to funding quickly and without the hassle of bank loans.

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What is Invoice Factoring B2B For Commercial Landscapers?

Invoice factoring is not a loan, so there is no money to be paid back and no interest. The only cost to your business is a discount taken from the total value of the invoices we purchase.

Invoice factoring is a reliable alternative financing method used across many industries. The process is simple—after a credit check for you and your customers, a factoring company will buy your business’s unpaid invoices at a discounted rate by agreeing to pay with cash upfront. 

The factoring company holds a small amount in reserve as collateral while we wait for your customers to pay.

How Does Invoice Factoring B2B Help Commercial Landscapers Get Paid Fast?

Invoice factoring allows B2B companies to avoid bank loans and slow-paying customers and instead grants them immediate cash flow to fund their businesses.

Great Funds Factoring is an excellent partner for the commercial landscape industry by providing immediate funds for your customers’ unpaid invoices and removing barriers that are created by traditional financing means. 

This allows you to focus on growing your business whether you are looking to hire or purchase more equipment. 

We remove the bottlenecks by working with your customer’s accounts receivable department, you get immediate cash and we wait out your customer’s payment terms.

How Great Funds Factoring Helps Your Commercial Landscaping Business?

As your landscaping company continues to grow, the costs will only multiply, and to keep growing your business, you need to be able to cover various expenses. Take a look at how our factoring process works.

1. Discovery

At Great Funds Factoring, we understand that there are many financial challenges that even the most successful businesses can go through and the stress that it can cause.  We believe that good communication is key to developing a strong working relationship with our clients and will strive to be personally available to answer questions about receivable factoring. 

During the discovery process, we aim to get a better understanding of your business needs, gain your trust, and determine if open account receivable factoring is a fit for you. 

2. Underwriting

After you submit your credit application, Great Funds Factoring, LLC will review your credit application along with other documents required such as bank statements, master customer list, and financial statements.

3. Approval

When the due diligence is completed, Great Funds Factoring works on the approval process.  Usually, the entire process of both underwriting and approval review takes one to two business days.  Once approved, we send you the proposal and all documents needed to set up your account.

4. Fast Cash

As you send invoices to your customers, we verify them and advance your funds immediately to your account, while holding a small amount in reserve until your customer pays their invoice.

Non-Recourse vs. Recourse Invoice Factoring

At Great Funds factoring, we offer recourse factoring which is more cost-effective for both parties. With non-recourse factoring, the factoring company assumes all the risk thus requiring higher discount fees.

With our recourse factoring services, we will work with your debtors to ensure they make every effort to pay and pay on time. However, if the debtor does not pay, the landscaping company is required to pay us back for the invoice amount.

Great Funds Factoring Helps Many Types of Commercial Landscaping Businesses

Our factoring company will help your landscaping company get the funding it needs to thrive and grow. We assist many kinds of landscaping businesses, including:

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Boost Cash Flow For Your Commercial Landscaping Business Through Invoice Factoring

If your landscaping business needs a hand in increasing its cash flow, you need a factoring company that understands the landscaping industry. Great Funds Factoring will unlock your cash from unpaid invoices, allowing you to grow your business. 

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